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In order to support access to education for all, every time we create a MOOC, we also create a MOOC-Pack. A MOOC-Pack provides a MOOC’s core content, packaged with a how-to guide and extra instructional materials. Using a MOOC-Pack, anyone can lead a writing class or a study group.

If you came here looking for the archives of past MOOCs you were enrolled in or heard of, you are in the right place. Each MOOC-Pack contains all the core content of a past MOOC. You are welcome to use the content in any MOOC-Pack for your personal writing and educational goals. 

To begin, use the buttons titled How to Use This Site and View the MOOC-Packs below. Onward!

About this Site

Most MOOCs require consistent access to computers with high-speed internet connections, but many learners who wish to take MOOCs live in regions where such access is limited. In 2015, IWP Distance Learning Undergraduate Research Fellow Jeffrey Lauber began researching the problem of providing online educational resources to learners in these regions. With support from IWP Distance Learning & Instructional Administrator Susannah Shive, Lauber designed the IWP's first MOOC-Packs in order to provide the contents of each IWP MOOC as a set of small, low-resolution files that can be more easily accessed and downloaded in low-bandwidth regions around the world. These became the IWP Distance Learning MOOC-Pack Library, which now provides a MOOC-Pack for each of the IWP's past MOOCs. 

In 2016 and 2017, Lauber and Shive created supplementary instructional MOOC-Pack materials in order to provide a more comprehensive learning experience for beginning writers. IWP Distance Learning Undergraduate Research Fellow Charles Truong redesigned the MOOC-Pack Library website in order to offer learners a simpler and more accessible navigational experience. The MOOC-Pack Library now provides the core content of each of the IWP's MOOCs. In order to support learners who wish to form local writing communities, each MOOC-Pack includes a how-to guide and complete instructional materials for leading a writing class or a study group. The Distance Learning Program will continue to create a MOOC-Pack for every IWP MOOC.

All of the content featured on this website is Copyright © 2015-2017 The University of Iowa, which as part of its IWP Distance Learning MOOC-Pack Library grants to you a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable royalty-free license to download, view, copy, display and print its MOOC-Pack content solely for your non-commercial face-to-face use of it in a local community-based study group or workshop setting.