Stories of Place: Writing and the Natural World MOOC-Pack


This MOOC-Pack provides the core content of our MOOC Stories of Place: Writing and the Natural World. You can use this MOOC-Pack on your own, or you can use it to lead a writing class or a study group. 

Start by clicking on Session 1  in the Stories of Place Page Menu at the left. You will find the session 1 readings, a discussion question example, a craft talk video and a podcast, both with transcripts, and a writing assignment example.

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You as participants will work with some of the many possible types of creative non-fiction, ranging from essays, science journalism, travel narratives, and speculative portrayals of the natural future. And as writers you will work with ways to portray truth and fact, whether it involves telling stories about the local, the global, the invisible, the beautiful, or the uncertain.

This MOOC-Pack has a overview section and six learning sessions. You can access each session by clicking the appropriate link on the navigation menu to the left. You can begin with the overview section and continue in order through sessions 1-6.