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Whitman's Civil War MOOC-Pack

CLASS FIVE: Elegy and Memorial

Welcome to Class Five: Elegy and Memorial. Below you will find the materials for this class session in the suggested class progression. You can use these materials to lead or host a study-group or workshop. To download the materials, click the buttons and open the downloaded files.

1. Watch the Video

This is the class five video. Click the button to open it in Vimeo, where you can play the video or click the download button to download it. If you have a weak internet connection, downloading the video will allow you to watch it on your computer or phone without using the internet. If you have trouble playing or downloading the video, you can use one of the alternate options below.


A. You can download the audio-only file from the main video, which is a smaller file size and should be easier to download with a limited internet connection. This will allow you to listen to the video content without streaming or downloading the video.

B. You can view and download the video transcript, which is a text-only file. This will allow you to read the video content without streaming or downloading video and audio.

2. Browse the Readings

This is a list of readings for Class Five. This MOOC-Pack uses commentaries, readings, and discussion topics from Professors Folsom and Merrill's 36-week exploration of Whitman's writings on the IWP WhitmanWeb. Each class uses six of the 36 weeks of that project. Class Five uses the content of weeks 25-30. When you click each of the buttons below, you will see two commentaries and a reading on the WhitmanWeb site.

You will also see a discussion question at the bottom of each page. You can use the comment form to post a comment if you would like to. You can also find all these discussion questions collected below under "Discuss Class Five." 

Click the buttons below to open the content on WhitmanWeb.

3. Discuss Class Five

This is a collection of discussion questions based on the video, assignment, and readings of Class Five. You can use these questions to lead a discussion of the class content. These discussion questions have been collected from the WhitmanWeb pages linked above under "Browse the Readings."