Moving the Margins: Fiction & Inclusion MOOC-Pack

Session 5:
Telling Voices

Welcome to Session 5, Telling Voices. Below you will find the materials for this class session in the suggested class progression. You can use these materials to lead or host a study-group or workshop. To download the materials, click the buttons and open the downloaded files.

1. Read the texts

The text readings are related to the session five videos and assignment. For each listed reading, a link to the full online text is provided.

2. Respond to discussion questions

Below is an example of a discussion question for session five:

3. Listen to the podcast and watch the videos

These are the podcast and craft talk videos for session five. Click the button to open in Vimeo, where you can play the video or click the download button to download it. If you have a weak internet connection, downloading the video will allow you to watch it on your computer or phone without using the internet. 


A. You can view and download the video transcript, which is a text-only file. This will allow you to read the video content without streaming or downloading video and audio.

4. Written assignment

This is an example of a writing assignment for session five. The assignment is related to the session five texts and videos.